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VisualAp is a visual framework for building application and systems based on visual components. Users can add their own visual components in order to extend the capability of VisualAp.

VisualAp can be used to perform audio processing, image processing, text and other process-driven emulation.

Screenshot of VisualAp

Here is a screenshot from release 1.2:



Guideline for developers

Please use the discussion forum to post your questions, proposals and comments: sharing is the key word for project development

The project is focused on the development of new components for VisualAp framework, according to the developer guide.

Feel free to develop new components and donate to the project!


Download visualap-setup.jar file and put this file in a new directory, e.g. Visualap, and execute the following command to install visualap: java -jar visualap-setup.jar


       java -jar visualap.jar  [-fast] [-run] [-report] [-uniqueID] [-help] <filename>

Command line options:
-fast       fast startup
-run        automatic run
-report     print a report about available beans
-uniqueID   print uniqueID
-help       this help

To compile VisualAp: execute the file build.bat in a DOS window To compile example beans: execute the file buildtest.bat in a DOS window

The program requires JRE 6 or later

Click here to browse the source and executable: browse visualap code

The following components have been created so far:

javalc6.audio.effect.Echojavalc6add echo effect
javalc6.audio.effect.Delayjavalc6delay audio stream
test.demux.DeMuxjavalc6split stereo audio in two mono audio
test.imagefilter.Imagefilterjavalc6filters an image according to user settings
blackpower.image.Imagetransformblackpowertransforms an image according to user settings
test.inspect.Inspectjavalc6print type information
test.microphone.Microphonejavalc6record an audio stream from the microphone
test.mux.Muxjavalc6generate stereo audio from two mono audio inputs
test.readfile.ReadFilejavalc6read a file
test.speaker.Speakerjavalc6play the incoming audio stream
test.viewer.Viewerjavalc6display input data
test.tonegenerator.ToneGeneratorjavalc6generate an audio tone
test.writefile.WriteFilejavalc6write data to a file
Release 1.0 (Obsolete)

The first release provides the visual environment including a number of experimental visual components, supporting real-time processing and process emulation.

Release 1.1 (Obsolete)

Features added: check latest version feature, automatic downloading of new/modified components from the internet, corrected wrong handling of text boxes

Release 1.2 (Obsolete)

The 1.2 release is optimized for JRE 6 and provides enhanced user experience

Release 1.2.1 (Stable)

Enhanced handling of properties, replaced obsolete com.sun.image.codec.jpeg package and added support for gif and png images, dnd support, enhanced installation procedure

Release 1.5

The 1.5 release will provide several visual components to enable multitude of applications

Release 2.0

The next release 2.0 will include extended features: